October 27th, 2015

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T3EE 2015 in Cluj

Already at the third edition, TYPO3 East Europe (T3EE) gathers TYPO3 developers and enthusiasts from all over Europe with the aim to promote the development of TYPO3 in countries where it is not yet well known, to encourage the growth of the local communities, help them get more involved and also boost TYPO3 among TYPO3 among developers and on the market.
Don't miss the chance to meet us at this event in our hometown Cluj!

September 14th, 2015

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TYPO3Conference in Amsterdam 2015

With an interesting mix of topics in sessions and workshops, directed to developers and TYPO3 users as well as decision makers and marketing managers, we meet again at TYPO3Conference in Amsterdam, from 21st to 22nd of October 2015.
Experience, discuss, learn and have a good time with the unique TYPO3 community in the middle of the heart of one of the nicest and exciting cities of Europe!

Look out for Jens Krumm and get in touch with us.