November 16th, 2016

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To Scrum or not to Scrum and how about Responsive checkout?

We had two speakers on T3EE 2016:

@Jens with "Scrum or not to Scrum? And how about remote teams?":
A short overview about the basics of Scrum and what benefits this agile methodology gives to a project. This helps to decide for what type of projects Scrum can be used and what parts might be always useful even for the smallest project based on our experience. At the end some hints on organizing distributed (or remote) teams cleverly.
Can be downloaded here.

@Adrian with "Responsive Checkout":
Did you know that more than 67% of customers abort the checkout process? Get to know – based on much research, case studies and usability analysis – how to increase your conversion rate and how to turn customers into returning customers.
Can be downloaded here.

July 27th, 2016

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Open Space Scrum München

Last week (Thursday, 21.07.2016) we were at the "9. Open Space Scrum München" event in Munich hosted by it-agile GmbH.
Big barcamp like event about Scrum with around 30 people exchange their different experience about starting with and best practice for Scrum. So we learned a lot about easy and pragmatic into Scrum for big classic organizations: the roles in Scrum and their change over time, difference between praise and appreciation and much more...
Most interesting part was about retrospective with distributed teams (yes Target-E was very curious about that one) and besides fancy technology to simulate the feeling about sitting next to each other it is mainly about clever organisational things that are valid for local retrospectives, too (structured and timeboxed meetings, switching between public and private working times within the retro, having a local representative keeping an eye on the scrum master tasks like time and last but not least try at least to move around part of the people to other parts of the team every now and then).